ELECTOS The Democracy in SMA N 3 Magelang

Author :yun01Date :12 September 2019, 8:09

Student`s Consultative Assembly (MPK) SMA N 3 Magelang held democracy party in the school. That was election of OSIS SMA N 3 Magelang chief. The candidates were 3, they were Dimas Bima Anggara as the first candidates l, second was Caesar Rifqi Ardana and the third was  Karisma kusmaningsih as the only one girl in this competition. The democracy party held on Tuesday September 5th 2019 in computer laboratory.

The process of this election was good. Almost all of members of school participated in there. Not only the head master who is Mr. Joko Tri Haryanto, S.Pd,M.Pd but also students, teachers, Staffs, cleaning services participated on take a vote who will be the leader of OSIS next school year. The participants of this election were 815 peoples.

The result of the event was known soon. That was because the democracy party used online application, so the result was known real time. Finally the election was won by Karisma kusmaningsih.